So how does FREE sushi and ramen sound? Yes, you got that right. FREE DINNER at …

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April 4, 2018
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April 4, 2018

So how does FREE sushi and ramen sound? Yes, you got that right. FREE DINNER at …

So how does FREE sushi and ramen sound? Yes, you got that right. FREE DINNER at Kaizen is up for raffle!

It's simple (1)LIKE our Siargao page, Kaizen Siargao: Japanese Island Dining (2)TAG a friend below this photo and (3)SHARE this post with the status, "I want to win a free dinner for two at Kaizen!".

All entries will be drawn on April 7. Up to THREE lucky pairs will be chosen and announced on April 8.

Claim your free dinner and come celebrate with us on April 10 for our Grand Opening!

Not only that but we will also throw in a FREE MASSAGE! This is too good. Too good!! Get those likes, tags, shares going and see you soon!




  1. Kim Ly says:

    Cielo Mi Shiela Mae Rogador

  2. Leneth Vicio says:

    Bryan Palima Jia Obias Porpayas

  3. Kathleah Francisco says:

    Jhonrey Torres baba ohhhh sana dito tayo monthsary natin 😭😭 sana tayo yung manalo

  4. Kenny Serna Tacder says:

    Miniza Astrid J. Tacder

  5. u8607u923au6db5 says:

    Alzanne Venne

  6. Karla Mercado says:

    Rk Peñano

  7. Mike Tan says:

    Reserve me a table 🙂

  8. Shane Abrantes says:

    Jøshua Saitø Annalyn Ascano Magdadaro

  9. Binsent Akong Ngalan says:

    Geraldine Oyao Mendoza

  10. Michelle G. Coles says:

    Eric Veran Lagmay

  11. Reann Godito Arlan-Sinday says:

    Remelyn Arlan

  12. Reann Godito Arlan-Sinday says:

    Rea Godito Arlan

  13. Reann Godito Arlan-Sinday says:

    Rahne Arlan Madriaga

  14. Reann Godito Arlan-Sinday says:

    Regie Eman Sinday

  15. Dyeht Skee says:

    Candy Jane Lumagod

  16. Celica Cubillan Tan says:

    Cali Tan naaa naaaa cla!

  17. Ruth Jodessa Sabaldan Tokong says:

    Ji Yoo 💜

  18. Mandy Verdam says:


  19. Zarlex Gail Sarno says:

    Miyuki Aguined Reyzel Plaza Naive Naenae Plaza Naive Xyrel Espejon 😂😂😩

  20. Anig Adazol says:

    Masarap ang Japanese food. ..the best kaya kung may time Ka kain tayo sa kain Siargao

  21. Vy Cagampang says:

    Thessamae Cagampang

  22. Judelyn Irigan Naragas Pablo says:

    Jeanjen Tulang

  23. Lily Tocmo Penales says:

    Balanlan Barrete Penales

  24. Massy Asuncion says:

    Christian Arcilla

  25. Ferlene Palencia says:

    Troy Duallo

  26. Maria Maria says:

    Maria Luz Perez Mantilla