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June 24, 2018
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June 25, 2018

Kaizen Siargao Grand Opening


Grand Openings and opporunities. 

Many doors open and close. Opportunities are given to just about everyone. It is all a matter of taking that step. The courage it takes however is an entire matter of its own. This is the story and journey behind a Japanese restaurant in Siargao. The first ever.

Seems like destiny.

The opportunity came, or rather found, last February. A spontaneous trip that re-ignited the passion of owners, Dana and Chang. One day was all it took. They fell in love with the island and their hearts opened to the possibilities.

The thing about opportunities though is that when they do come, you rarely get second chances. So whilst the vision is strong you push that into reality. At end of February, the call went out. Three weeks later, Kaizen opened its doors as the first Japanese restaurant in Siargao.

Chef-owner, entrepreneurs

Couple owners, Dana and Chang

It was not easy.

First. The logistics alone was a nightmare. Shipping countless equipment and stocks seemed endless.

Then in an island where booking rooms and hotels was beyond difficult, looking for a house to staff 15 proved to be the most challenging task.

Similarly the renovation dragged as supplies were limited.

Still. There was no stopping. 

As a result, Kaizen opened as the first Japanese restaurant. All in under three weeks no less.

Bringing our signature dishes and famous sushi in Siargao, while becoming the best service in the island. Fast, efficient with an unforgettable island dining experience.

Taking a humble yokocho concept from Davao to being the first Japanese restaurant in the Siargao was a challenge that would not be possible without the people of the island who gave their warm love and support. 

True to our values, Kaizen opens the same opportunities in Siargao, with mutual Respect and Love from the island and its people. Every day is a wonderful experience to behold.

We thank Siargao and its people for its boundless Love. Hand in hand, we welcome success for the journey to come. Irrashaimase!

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