In this cozy sidewalk of Torres street in Davao City, a nightly skirmish rages. …

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April 8, 2018
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April 9, 2018

In this cozy sidewalk of Torres street in Davao City, a nightly skirmish rages. …

In this cozy sidewalk of Torres street in Davao City, a nightly skirmish rages. What looks like a regular streetside next to a school, transforms into a yokocho style restaurant that serves more than 20 tables. It's almost impossible to envision serving that many in such a small space. Soon as customers get to experience the service of this humble nook, it becomes twice as incomprehensive. Service is fast and efficient. Servers zig zag around tight spaces, delivering food like it depended on their lives. Late service is unacceptable. All food must be served hot. In the middle of the chaos, they still manage to deliver in consistent fashion. This is our frontline, weilding food trays like shields and taking orders from nobody (except customers).

Then you have the back of house, the kitchen. Where metals collide and endless fire burning steel, sometimes skin. The kitchen is no place for the soft hearted. It is a space with no time for fakery. Get your food out quick or get out of the kitchen. At Kaizen, this is twice as true. Inside a space no bigger than a solo room, our chefs come in primed and and come out like rockstars at the end of the night. Crafting hundreds of dishes at breakneck speed, it is unfathomable how this is achieved. Plates clash and heads clash. It doesn't matter. Get your dish out no matter what. Best served warm and freshly cooked. True battles are raged in the kitchen and Kaizen is on a world of its own.

How and where did this come from? Its baffling when one experiences such a marvel of a service. A service that have become our staple. Our identity. Who we are. People come for the experience and keep coming back for the food. The food. The food is why we win the battle every single night. If you ever wondered how food borne out pure passion tastes like, look no further than Kaizen.

From the cozy sidewalk of Torres street in Davao City to the spectaluar island of Siargao, Kaizen furthers its vision of becoming a global concept dining community. And we brought our battle tested excellence with us.



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