Welcoming our newest kitchen warrior, Kareena Lagamon. Candid and full of love, …
March 29, 2018
The first ever Japanese Island Dining! Doors open at 5PM
March 29, 2018

First mukbang featuring Juliana Palermo

Kaizen Davao’s dishes are a mouthwatering fusion of the east and the west. We’re happy to bring some of our best known ramen and sushi rolls to the island.🏝
Our doors open at 5PM. See you! 🍜🍣
Kaizen Siargao | Japanese Island Dining Boyum’s Suft Camp and Resort General Luna, Tourism Road Siargao IslandKaizen’s first Mukbang featuring Ms. Juliana Palermo feasting on her favorite rolls and ramen. Street mukbang style! Find out why she loves the DU30 roll so much, what she thinks of the Mt Apo roll and what her favorite ramen is! Come celebrate this weekend with these davao-themed rolls, only here at Kaizen!



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