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August 9, 2018
Everyone's favorite time of the year in Davao!! And Kaizen is here to cele…
August 12, 2018

Tantanmen, Kaizen’s newest ramen!

Hot stuff coming through!

It's finally out! Kaizen's newest ramen. Tantanmen!!

Noodles soaked in spicy broth with sesame sake paste. Just enough spice to make it unforgettable and keep you coming back for more!

This ramen sold out on its first night of soft launch!

Find out for yourself what makes it so special.

A perfect way to fire up the week of festivities.

Her hotness is calling and you must not keep her waiting.

Tantanmen. Only here at Kaizen!

Product Endorser Ms. Simsim Tan
HMUA Angela Baysa
Video Rudolph Ian Alama, LouWorks Studio



  1. Jhunna Fe Daan says:

    Mar IeLa 😋

  2. Akira Matsuzawa says:

    Very very beautiful

  3. Dianne Real says:

    Dhai Kay Rica Avila..asa mani dapita😂😂😂

  4. Kay Rica Avila says:

    Sa may torres dhai.. 😉

  5. San Nina says:

    GemNheal Lagat

  6. Mariu00f1o Fern Angelo says:

    very nice tantamen 😉👍

  7. Casey Everelle Ubiu00f1a says:

    Charlie Ubiña Jr.

  8. Mechelle Aznebo Arefobla says:

    Leah Rama Rontal sang oh imo kanunay ginacrave

  9. Cathypeps Tomeldan says:

    Open hours po till?

  10. Manang Juana says:

    Jon Carlo Frayna ara tong naagian nato na model oh while nagshoot sila 🙂

  11. Cyril Espina says:

    Mara Alberca ta,ta,ta 🙂

  12. Elvie Jane Seguerra says:

    Bem Carillo Albacite

  13. Bebz Albios Ignes says:

    John Lloyd Ignes

  14. CL Aire Rae says:

    Cloudy X Animo

  15. Mumu Druz Ali says:

    Yats Ebrahim II

  16. Stephanie Delos Santos says:

    Norman Calimbo

  17. Zelles Cervantes Temblor says:

    Jaypee O. Ben’zz naara oh laag ta hehe

  18. Mye Kulitz says:

    Joseph Michael Malinao Caldamo

  19. Preziel Gran Lanaja says:

    Winjoy Binoya Charlotte Maradia Mulit Mailyn Ricanor Sheryl Villaver

  20. Tejano Vee says:

    Quinn Florence Jeff bago daw ni.

  21. Gengen C Gengen says:

    Glenn Pilayre

  22. Jocelynbecera Madelosipot says:

    Shemaiah Montenegro diri ta oh.

  23. Arvin Hanz says:

    Ravie Chan grave kalami 😁😁😁

  24. Queenie Gonzaga Alfonso says:

    mangaon ta ninyo dri Angelai Siton Rapzy Gonzaga Camille Justine John Chaseanroy Ruar Monsanto Jade Abucay

  25. Lenyfe Gata Olajay says:

    Samy Ugay Olajay

  26. Gir Lie says:

    Jet Po

  27. Awe Ferrando says:

    メリ ガンバ

  28. Meg Cui Bacareza says:

    Jav Rubillar rameeeen. where is this hahahaha