She believed she could, SUSHI did. β€” Megan Tan #sushididShe believed she coul…

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November 12, 2017
It’s the time of the month again! See you all later at Palma Gil Street for the …
November 17, 2017

She believed she could, SUSHI did. β€” Megan Tan #sushididShe believed she coul…

She believed she could, SUSHI did. 😎
β€” Megan Tan
#sushididShe believed she could, SUSHI did. 😎🍣🍀



  1. Caitlin Abella says:

    Ricah Jezzamine Ian Kenneth hahahaha

  2. Jerric Noah Flores says:


  3. Cleo Abellana says:

    Marie Espina yes pls

  4. Ivan Kim Falcatan says:

    Venus Caminero

  5. Mark Allan says:

    Katrina Del Rosario Faburada GODDDDDD πŸ™

  6. Zcarrena Faye says:

    JC BailloπŸ™„

  7. Zamoras Mai says:

    Bjane CariΓ±o Maceren next time eto satin

  8. Kerk Cumbe says:

    Edson Tan

  9. Philiene Jeanne de Chaves says:

    Mercson Suelan salamat daan 😊

  10. Deo Cimafranca says:

    kanusa man ta ninyo mag kaizen πŸ™
    Ivan Palermo Adalid Pescado April Ruda Bienne Ann Jenny Acebes HoneyLenn Escobal

  11. Mar Reyes says:

    Alexandra Sp Zacaria Ike Ralph Jimenea Pagar πŸ˜‹

  12. Abing Libre says:

    Look so yame!

  13. Christine Jariol says:

    Mhy Cortez 😭😭

  14. Anjelley Martel Otero says:

    Dawny Dee Lopez Mon Chaser Carla NataΓ±o Paul Martel Otero mu tilaw ta ani ba. Haha mu experience na sad ta..dli lng gud ta mag mahay hahaha

  15. Ilona Momoa says:

    Apollo Anthony Ang

  16. Jenny Lou Onaicilef Oemorob says:

    Zet Ty

  17. Xod Rak says:

    Trizie Mae

  18. Ej Samonte Catacutan says:

    Kristen madddiiing ohhh

  19. Seliana Heslyx says:

  20. Jamela Pueblo says:

    Jeanette Diosano Rabago Net adto ta driiii pleaseeeee

  21. Maria Jann Nicolai Magat says:

    Miks Magat huhuhuhu

  22. Ree-An Mau00f1alac says:

    Karen Margallo Lovely Ellery Jubelle Angeli Maturan Marky one time lang please!

  23. Apple Chan says:

    Ava Manatad kanang nalipay ko sa joke

  24. Michelle So says:

    Mark Lu

  25. Josh Galarrita Mangantulao says:

    Anthony Sullinger nice yung plating oh

  26. Jez Blanco says:

    Katrina Solis 😭😭😭

  27. Jekaii Alaba says:

    Maria Renee Anay

  28. Lovely Joy Tayer says:

    Tin Tin Auserwalt mangaon ta ani huh

  29. Jona Marie Escalicas Villones says:

    Ken Ken 😭😭😭

  30. Joan Adog says:

    Celina Kyle Ching

  31. Tenchi says:

    Peter Alec Galvez 😭

  32. Rheiia Eun says:

    Mao niy sushi na lami Cee JaeπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  33. Zamoras Mai says:

    Bjane CariΓ±o Maceren

  34. Tej Dongzkie says:

    Jewel Tyne Yumura your favorite πŸ˜˜πŸ™

  35. Laurdemae Pido says:

    John Alween Suazo Urot kaon ta diri puhon oh. Murag lami ahahahaa

  36. Mark Anthony S. Perez says:

  37. Mark Anthony S. Perez says:

  38. Debie G. Villamor says:

    Jacklyn Noguerra 😍😍

  39. Janskie MthrFckr says:


  40. Janica Marie Dordas Bayana says:

    omg dzaaai Shenna Yee