Kaizen Siargao: Japanese Island Dining Soft opening was a success!! Like our Sia…

March 28, 2018
March 28, 2018
Welcoming our newest kitchen warrior, Kareena Lagamon. Candid and full of love, …
March 29, 2018

Kaizen Siargao: Japanese Island Dining Soft opening was a success!! Like our Sia…

Kaizen Siargao: Japanese Island Dining Soft opening was a success!! Like our Siargao page and watch for more πŸ˜‰March 28, 2018



  1. Editha Ging Arandia says:

    Congrats nak and chef Dana Zapanta success ang sotf opening.πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘

  2. Nylavej Formilles Consigna says:

    Congrats both madam

  3. Diane Yaniane says:

    Oh no!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ yay! Mangaon cguro ta dha puhon uiπŸ™Œ Rhai Maslow Mohammad Ghandi

  4. Louie Lagunay Horfilla says:

    Junrey Taoy completo na ang retokada dira sa isla. 😁

  5. Gelai Lagura says:

    Edong Cubelo

  6. Rotheo Vilt says:

    Congrats Kaizen Davao: Japanese Street Dining.

  7. Gennie Rose Sacayan says:

    Sir Otrebor Ocitog naa na cla dra.. mangaon ta dra puhon pag visit sa ironladies.. Xtie Doi Jangs Kie Christine Rose Manuel Ibanez Elppa Ele Dinez Skie mhikaiskie..

  8. Otrebor Ocitog says:


  9. Nico Bernardino says:

    YAAAAAAAS! More reasons to go back Ynna Francine Princess Sabay nata Joice Jas Lea Gail Lourain Kat. Let’s go!

  10. Jayr Santos Vicente says:

    Lou Dianne Nicolas sa siargao kanalng hahaha

  11. RV Lozano says:

    Mikael Rodriguez Sumampong

  12. Gladys Sarah Costillas says:

    Jae Jae

  13. Esther Dawn says:

    Kirby Gaitano

  14. Leslie Marie Agot says:

    Nolram Toga kain kayo jan ohh

  15. Harold J. Z Quindoy says:


  16. Trix Adnuyac says:

    Nico Adrian gusto ko here with you 😍

  17. Arkshe Erana Denila says:

    Hoooy!!! Bakit ngayon ka lang!!! 😦

  18. Doxa Cris says:

    Besh Precy Agui😍😍😍😍

  19. RJ Moriones says:

    Cristine Jinky

  20. Yasmine Ibay says:


  21. Janel Quilban Pediangco says:

    Try nato ha. Lui Molina

  22. Sophia Pabroa says:

    GiGi Erfe

  23. Aubrey Mae Manila says:

    Novalie Divinagracia-Japay Sejas oh

  24. John Daanton says:

    Stephen Elorza Jasmin Baril Completado Jan Estarija dire ta mag kaizen o

  25. Gu Dom Muah Prince says:

    Quintanar Ehcniv

  26. Leah Amor V. Uy says:

  27. Dianne Irie Tajon says:

    Nik Kho Amoguis

  28. Lorrie Miculob says:


  29. Zyra Mae Pelarin says:

    Gladys May Vendiola Shylle Espiritu

  30. Lyle Canovas says:

    What!!!!!! My kaizen na diay diha so near!!!! Suki kaau ko kaizen davao… Arnold Quizon

  31. Julie Orellina says:

    Red Villa Jo Shiong Shu Sardan Jerry Evangelio Jr. Luanne Dela Cruz

  32. Bhaby Ann Granada Taladtad says:

    Shota Kurebayashi😱

  33. Anne Eliseo says:

    Rafael Navidad

  34. Fritzie Ivy says:

    Paopao Patrickstar

  35. Alyn Evardo-de Guzman Lpt says:


  36. CyTom Cruz says:

    Michael Dave Cahambing Cyrill Joseph Villarreiz

  37. Rhea Kyla says:

    Ylia Aliva Savanna QR Ngano wala nato ni naabtan

  38. Aivyrose Au00f1abieza says:

    Ma-Lou A. Balino Jiday Sanchez Mylene TaΓ±a Mohammad Ali Angela Rovie Villareal

  39. Kimberly Villa Oren says:

    Jelly Colina

  40. Jet Lee says:

    Airene Odias Bartoline

  41. Kemang Barts says:

    Woooooow 😍

  42. Al Jon says:

    Guimmayen Antolin Mark Joseph wow sikata na uy hahahaha

  43. Jhillai Fabiau00f1a says:

    Angelie Maglana – Palacay huy beshy! Mas dako pa ata ila place sa siargao.

  44. Shang Orejas says:

    Dito kami nun 29.. kaizen ramen pls! 😊