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September 13, 2018
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September 15, 2018

Kaizen Mukbang with Dewanie and friends!


When was the last time you and your friends went to Kaizen?

Check out Kaizen's second mukbang with none other than Dewanie.. AND friends!! Featuring favorites that everyone loves to SHARE!

Yakisoba, Tantanmen, Al Hapone and the Dewanie roll!!

Speaking of sharing. Here's your chance to WIN gift certificates!


1. LIKE this Mukbang video!

2. TAG your friends in the comment section.

3. SHARE the video with the caption "I want to win P1,000 GC and treat my friends to KAIZEN! #IloveKaizen"

Entries will be drawn on September 18.

Winners will be announced on September 19!!

Let's goooo! LIKE, TAG and SHARE!!



  1. Rojune De la Cruz says:

    Graceey Zolina Abellana

  2. John Henry says:

    Feliz Dianne

  3. James Taporco says:

    Artestahin Naman kaau si Arvin krn oh….grats SA imo M8…gudluck SA imo journey…🀩🀩🀩

  4. Roger Yray says:

    Trixy Guindo Mate Orcz Nicey Nice Jenny Kris Calape Fernandez atack nata dayon guys bambam nata…wahahha

  5. Fairy Sierna Quidato says:

    Ma Teresa try natu ni mam tes next nimo anhi para dili lng manna permi

  6. Jheremee Lam says:

    Hartesta kaayo Nikki Absalon Batoon.. pa fan sign ha.. πŸ˜‚πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

  7. Vito Lucas Enjambre says:

    MgMukbang pud ta dri beh, Roseller Jaredelle Alexandria Abel Koi Jacque

  8. Lemuel Galang says:

    Charlene Mae Cerezo Hingkiangco

  9. Camille Lubama Abubacar-Harap says:

    Eiman Sajile Aplal Shaira Arobo Diocena MamokoCatao Mariel Harisa Lubama Nicole Lubama Abubacar Jarap Gnik

  10. Marie Angeline Abello says:

    Franirene Mendoza Duyac Lorelyn Joy Gambito Rmt

  11. Mheong Dimalanta says:

    surely winner na!

  12. Mari Mar says:

    Jayson B Magbanua dito try natin. Masarap ramen nila 😍

  13. Liyo Lozada says:

    PauLine ALto Kc Kit CaΓ±ete Russel Iamjenny Speller Prince Gerald Manansala Uzon lami dria oh

  14. Ranz A. Carampatana says:

    Rica Hart Hapayan πŸ€”πŸ€” naremember nako ang hot towel hahahah oh god

  15. Marilon Hipome Labrador says:

    Khimmy Cabigon kani hahahahaha

  16. Merirose Camille Angeles says:

    Dri ta next AJ Yuson Joan Pudpud KyΓΌ Mejoy Diansay Maiso Phoebe Batang Heart Failure Gnobmag

  17. Renz Carlo Genosas Cawaling says:

    Hoi andy pag puyo

  18. Jean Carmelite Matugas says:

    Grant Agabon πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  19. Grace Salomia says:

    Kriz Marie Torio

  20. Karl Cristian Agsabay Batulan says:

    Cedric Jay Manila Falloran rag mas nice diri hahah

  21. Clong Clong says:

    Kelz Bulado

  22. El Anthonette Escobar Fucbit says:

    Rudilyn Bornasal Daza dito beki..

  23. Anne Kambal says:

    Mangaon ta diri Angel Aanya dugay naku gabalak diri, dili madayun dayun haha

  24. Marlynjin Anil says:

    Alyn G Nali kalami

  25. Raven Paculanang says:

    Hahaha abe kog misupsup

  26. Liza Santiago says:

    Cristine Joy Arquillo Jeremy Icon πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ Miss you katry namo diri? Hhah

  27. Cassie Chantrelle says:

    Emz Louelle hahaah @Yen Rodilla

  28. Genalyn Cansana says:

    Karen Gacasan Honey Aguilar-Anloague Sharon Mae Simporios

  29. Grace Ramos says:

    Labs mangaon ta diri Jessele Rodulfa

  30. Shinji Olaivar says:

    Allyana Alianza Dela Cruz hmmmm

  31. Mary Joy Ebio-Ambo says:

    Noel RayAmbo looove! 😭

  32. Precious Klaude Aniu00f1on says:

    Patricia Caalim dzaii let’s try it hahaha

  33. Althea Xyza Gomez says:

    Park Shin Yen
    Jessa Cabillo Ramirez
    Melissa Sia
    Unsa man ??? When ta mangadto dre pra skong post bday dapat 50% off ko sa inyu ha?? heheh

  34. Princess Borja says:

    Maruzen Bless Cabaco si arvin ning naa sa kilid diba? Artesta na sya besh πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ wa ka ka hearing.

  35. Aya Kawai Atchop says:

    Pwde ko dri te Mina Angel🀣🀣🀣🀣

  36. Aya Kawai Atchop says:

    Murag lami kaayu ni dri te vaPπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  37. Shai La says:

    Arvy Go DenniSio Bacera after shot dri na sad ta taz higup-higup atong noddles soup for 3 taz naa na pud moduol mag MAGIC. hahaha!

  38. Madz Natz Gamutan says:

    Analy Alfar Grace L. Ang ug Ching mangaon ta inyo dri besh lami bah?

  39. Zelle Kim Villamore says:

    Rhealyn Sawan Guliman Ji-han Angela CervaΓ±a drie napud ta.Hahah wala ko kabalo ang price..Hahaha

  40. Marzy Ainoloc says:

    Kaun ta diri Rain Borinaga

  41. Cecilia Euryz Ingco Mendoza says:

    Jepi Otreised hanapin natin toh

  42. Sweetjlyn Azogaraz says:

    Baby kaon ta drie Raijinsz Akatsukie 😊😊

  43. Gracey Escasinas says:

    Janice Poblete Ailyn Mutia Escasinas Virgmarie Saclot Colasito mangaon ta dria mga beshy

  44. Tristan B. Beberino says:


  45. Athena Bulahan says:

    Gnihj Bulahan

  46. Via Bianca Joven says:


  47. Jassel Mae Castau00f1eda Sendrejas says:

    Emman . Sikat nka hahaha

  48. Norielle Cainglet says:

    Eto nat try nten yan Natasha Cajoles uban ka Francis Derpofr hahah