Have you BENTO Kaizen? Swing by Kaizen, just like Angela Baysa, a very promis…

Sushi bonding at its best! Thank you for sharing your night with us gorgeous lad…
June 9, 2018
HAPPY DROPS IS SOOO BACK!! Shake off those back-to-school blues and lively up …
June 11, 2018

Have you BENTO Kaizen? Swing by Kaizen, just like Angela Baysa, a very promis…

Have you BENTO 🍱 Kaizen?
Swing by Kaizen, just like Angela Baysa, a very promising young entreprenuer, an achiever, a multitalented make up artist who’s always on the go!
#iloveBento #BentoKaizenDavao
Photo credits | Rudolph Alama



  1. Lisa Bargamento says:

    So pretty this girl ba 😊😘

  2. Angela Baysa says:

    Jeff J Hunter I’ll take you when you get back! My fave sushi place ever

  3. Jason Salvador says:

    pahenge haha

  4. Emmanuel Roy Hipe says:

    Gwapa oh!

  5. Fritzee Alegria says:

    Abi nakog ikaw ter hahaha Darleen Isabelle Leynes

  6. Dexter Cabiling says:


  7. Mhama Halipa says:

    Lame ya ana oi,,,

  8. Ariel Figura says:


  9. Rica Buot says:

    Ryden Prior

  10. Lezah Navarro says:


  11. Delfin Pueblas says:


  12. Merlito Linguaje says:

    Wow food not bam.

  13. u0138yle Androwe says:

    ang grave ng dilaπŸ˜…

  14. u0138yle Androwe says:

    parang sarap kumain jan

  15. Cam Sugna says:

    Mas lami jud Ang nag gunit πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

  16. BonBon Sushar says:


  17. Dhave Sarmiento says:

    Wow^ yimmy?

  18. Arnel Polinar says:

    ANG sarap niyan

  19. Kristopher Ragas says:


  20. Vergel Lumayas says:

    Dila lang ako beh…hehe Kay busog nko

  21. Naler Abala Aisos says:

    Lamia oiu sa dila

  22. Adrian Patan says:

    Yummy oi

  23. Mar Lamodoc says:

    napaka cute ng mata mo

  24. Saiko Chan Desu says:

    Ellen Rose Alarcon Saika Yamamoto Relvin Jay Melendres Sale adto ta nnyo puhon πŸ™

  25. Jay Bandayanon says:


  26. Jalil Soy Marama says:

    wow ang ganda ng mata nya

  27. Aqua Cau00f1ada says:

    Tagpila ng combo nila

  28. Aqua Cau00f1ada says:


  29. Spetsnaz Pericoloso says:

    ano adress nto?

  30. Merjie Comiso says:

    Pryncess Alyssa Dyane Comiso Pryncess Camille Mitz Comiso

  31. Agust M Mapa Madino says:

    ang sArap nmn yan mas.masArap ang my ari

  32. Paopi Enriquez says:

    parang ikaw Alexa Paden

  33. Anghel Dy Lanzarrote says:

    Pwede Po Ba Mag Apply Dyan ?

  34. Rey Arquesa says:


  35. Kristian Ariel Sularte says:

    Erica Datulayta Want!!!

  36. Kristine Arizabal says:

    Jujie Mae Danwata murag ikaw ang ng gunit ug plato