March 16, 2018
Find someone who smiles at you the way @itsjulianapalermo smiles at her favorite…
March 17, 2018

First mukbang featuring Juliana Palermo

Kaizen’s first Mukbang featuring Ms. Juliana Palermo feasting on her favorite rolls and ramen. Street mukbang style! Find out why she loves the DU30 roll so much, what she thinks of the Mt Apo roll and what her favorite ramen is! Come celebrate this weekend with these davao-themed rolls, only here at Kaizen!



  1. Ang Han Seng nalupigan ta loves.. hahaha dri n pud ta. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Jessie Ann Ferrando Alforque dali… Diri tah

  3. Andre Cartagena Cipriano please😊😊

  4. Super2 good jod ni diria

  5. Maan Maoy says:

    Mijel mao ni akong ingon hahaha

  6. John Rey Salise imong gnahan sa kaizen πŸ˜‚

  7. Wendy Minion-Gonzales andito ka pala pina abtik na live hahahahahaha

  8. Devie Villarin Jexey Villarin Bob Owen Villarin Ion B Villarin

  9. Dominic Reyes take me here.

  10. Genalyn Caputolan Jingle Crispino

  11. Mag kaizen napod ta. Lrad Ko

  12. Tat SC says:

    Harlene Pantallano Maniego sya ang ni adto ug office?

  13. Saw dis gal in victoria plaza, simple but rock!

  14. Kath Pacia says:

    c Paopao Acebu jud nagprepare ani ba! proud of u tol!