Everyone's favorite time of the year in Davao!! And Kaizen is here to cele…

Tantanmen, Kaizen’s newest ramen!
August 10, 2018
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August 13, 2018

Everyone's favorite time of the year in Davao!! And Kaizen is here to cele…

Everyone's favorite time of the year in Davao!!🎉

And Kaizen is here to celebrate with you!🏮

Take to the streets and experience Davao in its most festive.

Then through the crowd and into the heart of the city, you will find Davao's favorite Japanese dining, where we take you back in time

Experience yokocho 'street dining'. The essence of Japan's dining history in the middle of Davao. An open ambiance to enjoy time with friends and family over some really good food! 🍱

What better way to celebrate than at Davao's favorite sushi spot 🍣

Watch out for what we have in store for you guys!😋

Only here at Kaizen! Irrashaimase!!



  1. Melissa Concha Arandia Zapanta says:

    Happy Kadayawan, Davao! 🤗

  2. Bongke Adot says:

    Happy kadayawan ng davao trapic tym nasad ta ana..

  3. Hara Hern says:


  4. Vinz CB says:

    Kc dawnskirle 花恋 シ メリ Jang Jerlyn Charm

  5. Kyle Fajardo says:


  6. Yang Yang says:

    Arlz Viilanz dri ta mangaon oh!

  7. Sugar Faith says:


  8. Joe Tay Buhok says:

    Kelan kadayawan

  9. Catherine Lalaguna says:

    Happy kadayawan DAVAO City

  10. Shayrhien Megan says:


  11. Osordep Nerrak says:

    Fern-Ann Palabrica ang atoa gnahan oh….

  12. Liezl Divinagracia says:

    Woooi…Meriam Esclibano Rolfane Macs Esabel Carajasan

  13. Cor Aureo says:

    day nusa sugod kadayawan.

  14. Joyce Ramos says:

    Joey Aguilar

  15. Jeselyn Lumidas says:


  16. Iamim Sean Guerrero Ramos says:

    when ang kadayawan?