Acoustic and Firedance at Kaizen Siargao
July 31, 2018
Acoustic Reggae Night at Kaizen
August 2, 2018

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Celebrating more than two years of partnership, Kaizen Davao and Awesome OS team up for a rare music event. Giving back and sharing the love with some streetside melody at your favorite streetside Japanese restaurant. A night where everyone enjoyed their favorite Kaizen food while being serenaded by Negative Four.

We'd like to extend our gratitude for the continuous Love and patronage. Cheers to more awesome years!! Domo arigatou!



  1. Patricia Pearl Cacanog says:

    Artista man ka sis Benmark Mercado hahahhaha

  2. Rechie Esteban says:

    Leah Wong ta ta after nko simba kron

  3. Rechelle Pabatao Santos says:

    イ ザー Adelyn Obejero

  4. Genara Genera Cagas says:

    Wow sarap kya jan Kuma in
    BOSONG na bong ka ,,?

  5. Abigail Duy Angcos says:

    Indhira Palomo Callao Misol Cunahap Misol Misol Misol Mary Grace Buar Parecto

  6. Roselyn Pecolados Fuertes says:

    Angel Utar Gudes ayy di man diay ka ganahan ug japan.2 nu??? 😌 pero naa man imong fav band hows that?

  7. Japhil Poipoi says:

    Wide Sky